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On the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean, the Moroccan coastline is 3,500 km long. In this land of two seas, the variety of beaches is infinite. The most popular beaches are naturally found next to towns, especially on the Atlantic Coast, but there are hundreds of others in unspoilt places where nature has remained intact. All offer great bathing or watersports possibilities.

On the Atlantic, most beaches are long strips of fine sand that face the ocean’s waves, becoming hotter as you head south. The north-east trade wind regularly blows from late March to mid-September on this part of the coast. It is ideal for all watersports. Whether you love windsurfing, kitesurf, surfing or jet ski, you are bound to find the waves you are looking for.

On the craggier coastline of the Mediterranean, between Tangiers and Al Hoceima, beaches are more intimate and the sea is calmer. There you will enjoy superb weather conditions on sparsely populated beaches. Some are close to traditional fishing villages, nestling in beautiful natural settings, ideal for relaxing in the peaceful waves, far from the agitation of city life.

Agadir Beach

Agadir is blessed with 10km of beautiful golden sand, making the beach very popular. This popularity among the tourists has lead the authorities to take action in keeping the beach clean. The sand is swept clean each morning and the regular patrols keep the beach almost free of vagrants. There are plenty of bars and cafes selling drinks and renting out sun-beds and umbrellas. The south end of the main beach has jet-skis for rental. Alternatively, dry activities like horse riding, camel trekking, quad biking and beach buggies are also available and very popular.


Be warned: the Atlantic ocean has a strong undercurrent that has caught many unawares. Small children and weak swimmers should be aware of this and not swim too far out.

Essaouira Beach

If you're an active person, Essaouira is the perfect place for you. It'll dazzle to you with innumerable sports and adventure activities. You can choose from a wide variety of watersports. Anything from surfing to scuba diving. Essaouira is also a well known wind and kitesurfing location. This beautiful enclave is a absolute mecca for wind and watersports lovers.

Along the sea front south from the port is a very long promenade and a huge beach. When the beach eventually fades to a narrower strip it continues in front of a long stretch of dunes, accessible in places from the Agadir road. In the other direction, the road climbs inland towards a panoramic viewpoint of the town and coast, before heading down on its long way to Marrakech.


Other Popular Beaches

Sidi Ifni (Southern Morocco)
The beach at Sidi Ifni has a nice location, but the water can at times turn foamy, and sometimes a bit dirty. However, when it is clear and clean, it is quite beautiful.

Lovely beach, constantly being improved, with excellent waves for watersports. A secret spot with surfers for many years, the town
has recently developed a surf park‚ to encourage Moroccan surfing and tourist development.

Oualidia (North of Safi)
There is an
11km inland lagoon filled by the sea which enters through two breaches in the coastal rock wall. The sunny beaches with fine sand lend themselves to safe bathing, surfing, windsurfing and small fishing boat expeditions. Oualidia is the main oyster centre of Morocco. To the south, a variety of small sandy coves and rocky cliffs offer seclusion and splendid walks.

Lalla Fatma (Nr Safi)
This is the cleanest and most popular beach in Morocco. Although swimming is not very safe (due to strong currents), the tourists enjoy the sand, sun tanning and the tranquillity.

Imsouane (Between Agadir & Essaouira)
 beach in fishermen's community; clay homes built into the cliff overlook the beach.
The beach has a world-famous surf spot, “the bay”.

Grottes d'Hercules (Cap Spartel, nr Tangier)
The beach at Grottes d'Hercules which means the 'Caves of Hercules' is quite clean and is also very pleasant. During the holiday season (July and August) it gets very packed with both locals and international visitors. The water here can be a lot colder than the Mediterranean beaches of Tangier.

Plage Quemada, Al Hoceima (Mediterranean Coast)
This beach has a reputation for always being busy and crowded; however, this is no reason to stay away. It is a very clean and friendly beach.
The beach is called Plage Quemada, which means "burned" in Spanish. It is hard to say why the beach here is called so. The sand doesn't bring association to fire and it is not any hotter than other beaches.

El Jadida (63 miles south of Casablanca)
The beach is close to town, it is clean and pleasant, and the people are friendly and outgoing.
Just north of the town centre a long beach starts, and it goes on for kilometres. This is known as the Moroccans’ own tourist resort and there are few foreign tourists here.

Larache (south of Tangier)
The beach of Larache is a clean surprise. It is wide, long, full, friendly, but with potentially dangerous waves. There are lifeguards on duty all day. The beach is a popular place all through the summer, as well as a place where women can feel safe from unwanted attention.

Tangier Town Beach
This beautiful beach is surrounded by mountains and the white washed houses of Tangier. Unfortunately it's not exceptionally clean, but still it is very popular.

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