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Forever immortalised by the movie classic of the same name, Casablanca is Morocco's modern metropolis. Even though it is not one of the famous imperial cities, having grown in no time from a small settlement into a sprawling city of three million, Casablanca offers visitors an equally rare experience. Everything is bigger here: the streets, the hotels, the office blocks and the slums. The people themselves say, "Casablanca has no memory and no past, only a future." Even so, a rich heritage of art deco architecture fused with North African elements acts as a tangible reminder of its French colonial past.

Architects began designing this model city in 1912, and created a modern city with a visionary charm and phenomenal development. Today, it is the largest metropolis in Morocco and its architectural beauty continues to astound. Therefore, it's no surprise that Casablanca was chosen as the site of the monument designed to mark the end of the century and the dream of an entire nation: the Hassan II Mosque.

Since its port did not have a natural harbour, the fantastic 3180 m long Moulay Youssef jetty was built. Therefore, it became Morocco's most important port and the fourth in Africa. The Mohamed V International airport is the largest in Morocco. It was designed to reflect the city's style. Recently built, its ultra-modern arrival area is a monument to traditional architecture.

Things to See & Do

In Casablanca even the souks have been updated and corrected to keep up with the progress. Built at the beginning of the century, the Habbous district seems as if it has existed for an eternity. Dotted with attractive shady squares, the narrow streets lined with arcades wind between the souks. Here the coppersmiths forge teapots, cauldrons, candelabras, vases, lanterns and trays. And the famous bazaars are bursting from floor to ceiling with different kinds of merchandise and colours.

In comparison, the old Medina seems like an extravagant labyrinth happily enclosed within the ramparts. What a pleasure it is to walk through it. Barbers, butchers, grocers and ironmongers with their throng of customers, seem to offer each visitor a never-ending spectacle.

Sandy beaches stretch 28 km to the north with a casino, luxury hotel, hippodrome, yacht club and 18-hole golf course by the sea shore: this is Mohammedia, Casablanca's favourite seaside resort. Ships from Pisa, Genoa, Venice and Portugal have been landing here since the 14th century and it continues to be one of Morocco's busiest ports.


A little further to the east, Ben Slimane is the place for rural pleasures: trekking or hunting in the magnificent Ziaidas cork-oak forest, or a round of golf on the enchanting 9-hole golf course embellished by a lake teeming with carp and ducks.

On the plain to the south stretches the famous vineyards of Boulaouane which produce the famous "grey" wine. Don't be surprised if you see falcons flying overhead since Boulaouane is not only internationally known for its wine, it is also one of the most famous places for falconry. The falconry farm, built in 1710 by Moulay Ismail, is situated in a spectacular kasbah containing seven ramparts.

In the evenings the famous Corniche is the area preferred by those looking for the nightlife, with its beaches and swimming pools, its fashionable bars, restaurants and hotels, giving it a cultural mix of Morocco and France.

Hassan II Mosque
th of the medina, the Hassan II Mosque is the world's third-largest religious monument. Reported to have cost $800million, it was finished in August 1993 after 10,000 craftsmen worked on it for five years. The exterior is French inspired, but the interior is all Moroccan, and at night the minaret's laser beam lights the way to the home of Islam. It holds 25,000 worshippers and 80,000 more in the esplanades around it. At 210m (690ft) the minaret is visible from miles around. Cedar wood was brought in from the Middle Atlas, marble from Agadir and granite from Tafraoute.

Price: full - 100 Dirham, concession - 50 Dirham (3 / 4.5 EUR)
Open: Sat-Mon 09:00-14:00, except guided tour hours


Not to be Missed

A Visit to Marabout
A few kilometres away on a rocky islet that can only be reached at low tide, stands the Koubba of Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane, which is truly magnificent at sunset. This holy man was said to have miraculous powers, and maybe his tomb still conserves them since many sick people come here with the hope of being healed.

The Magical Mohamed V Square
By day, there is so much to admire in the Mohamed V Square: a truly magnificent piece of architecture. The Post office, Courthouse, Prefecture, French Consulate and Bank of Morocco all parade around the central fountain. But at sunset, the water and lights come together to put on a fantastic show consisting of a magnificent, delicate and enchanting game.

The Oysters of Oualidia
They are so tasty that, on their own, they merit a visit to Oualidia. Take a digestive walk along the enchanting beach to a cove that the islets protect against the strong ocean waves.

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