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In one of Morocco's most beautiful cities stands a sumptuous palace housing the very quintessence of Moroccan art. On the ground floor you can find clothes, objects in beaten copper, arms and Berber jewellery. Splendours from the past? Not at all, for many of the objects on display are still used and worn in mountain areas.

The first floor salon impresses with its Hispano-Moorish decoration and elegant furniture in cedar wood. It is such an accurate reproduction that, at any moment, you half expect to see a bride in her ceremonial dress return to the armchair and show herself off to all the admiring guests. The other rooms are filled with an abundance of carpets. Stop a moment to examine those coming from the Sahara region, characterised by the use of leather, and large simple mats evoking the dry beauty of the semi-desert.

A remarkable collection of door and window frames is to be found around the courtyard, all encrusted with the most delicate and refined ornamentation. And in the streets outside you will soon understand that the town and its inhabitants know how to keep the traditions of their culture alive.


Dar Si Said Museum
Riad Ez-Zaitoun El Jadid
Tel. (212 4) 44 24 64


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