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Erlebnis Tours was established in 1986 by Mustapha Ben Radi and, in the 23 years since, both Mustapha and his company have become extremely well-known and highly respected within the Agadir Region where they are based. Mustapha treats his drivers and tour guides like family and in return receives their utmost loyalty and professionalism, thus ensuring continued success for Erlebnis Tours and a huge amount of repeat business from satisfied customers. Many regular visitors to Agadir and Marrakech in Morocco have been using Erlebnis Tours for years and will not use any other tour company, due mainly to the personal custom tours and the professional service received. The name 'Erlebnis' was created while Mustapha was living in Germany, hence the German and not Moroccan name. The word "Erlebnis" means "everything", which reflects the quality service you can expect from Erlebnis Tours.

Erlebnis Tours has a fleet of minibuses, 4x4s and Mercedes saloons at your disposal for your tours. All are in excellent condition, fully insured and some come with air conditioning. The minibuses are cool and comfortable, perfect for long trips. The 4x4s are ideal for rougher terrain, such as the Sahara desert and Atlas Mountains, but for luxury, the Mercedes saloon is perfect for sightseeing around the towns and cities in style. Of course, since Erlebnis Tours only provides personal custom tours, you won't be sharing your vehicle with anyone outside of your party - the vehicle, driver and tour guide are yours for as long as you want them.

Mustapha Ben Radi

As well as providing tailor-made tours, Erlebnis Tours also owns a fleet of quad bikes and buggies, which are available for booking. Erlebnis Tours will transport the quads or buggies and your party to the sub-Sahara desert just half an hour outside of Agadir and remain with you until time to return. For more details, please refer to the Quad Biking page in the Holiday Activities section and the Prices page for general costs.

We also have a portfolio of property for sale and plots of land for sale in the Agadir region, as well as offer a free no-obligation property and land search service to find your ideal property or plot on which to build.

Erlebnis Tours is partnered with Erlebnis Tours Maroc, which is based in Hertfordshire, England. The British side of the company concentrates on attracting new and maintaining existing customers throughout Europe for both the tours and the quad bikes, leaving the Moroccan side of the business to concentrate on providing the deserved attention to each customer when they arrive. For your peace of mind, if you book with us, you are paying a UK company with a UK bank account, not sending your money to Morocco, which can be of concern to many people.

Enquiries & Booking

To enquire about or to book a personalised private tour or vehicle and driver/guide to transport you to your destination(s), please call us on +44(0)7713 615829 or send an email to to discuss your itinerary and prices. If you prefer, give us your number and we will call you.

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