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History of Morocco

Early History

The first known invaders were the Phoenicians in the 12th century bc who established trading posts on the Mediterranean coast. They founded Rusaddir, which is now modern Melilla. The Phoenician colonies in North Africa were later taken over and extended by the Carthaginians, who founded towns on the Atlantic coast at Tangier, Larache, and as far south as Essaouira. Carthaginian inscriptions have been found at Volubilis, the Roman capital of western North Africa, near Meknčs.

    Ruins of Roman Bascilica at Volubilis                               Ruins of Decumanus Maximus at Volubilis

The Roman conquest in 2nd century bc led to Roman dominance of the Mediterranean coast of Africa. About ad 42 the area that is now Morocco was incorporated into the Roman Empire as the province of Mauretania Tingitana (the town of Tingis later became Tangier). During the decline of the Roman Empire in 429, the Germanic Vandals occupied Mauretania Tingitana. The Byzantine general, Belisarius, then defeated the Vandals in 533 and established Byzantine rule in parts of the country.

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