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Imlil is a quiet Berber village on the road from Marrakesh to Taroudant, via the Tizi-n-Test pass. It is a beautiful little village, both in winter and in summer. Pink houses are unevenly arranged in between numerous trees, mainly walnut trees. The surrounding landscape is perfectly matched by the nature loving atmosphere of the place, where almost every person talking to you would like to go for a walk into the mountains with you. For a price, of course.

Imlil is home to a small Berber tribe, the Ait Mizane, or "people of the Mizane," which is the name of the stream in the bottom of the valley. The forests around Imlil have traditionally been devoted to walnuts. But in recent years there have been several additions to this, and the forests now also consist of apples, cherries and other types of trees.

Imlil is the ideal base for trekking, hiking or camping in the Atlas mountains. Imlil is situated at 1740m above sea level and is the port to the Toubkal National Park. From Imlil, you can set out for stunning walks through the mountains, with great destinations like the highest mountain of North Africa, Jebel Toubkal (15 km), or the strange lake of Ifni (20 km). Numerous guided walking tours and treks are on offer,  to hike beneath forbidding peaks, through deep canyons, and past remote and ancient Berber villages. Do-it-yourself trekkers will find locals willing to act as porters and guides, and hikers can also hire mules to carry equipment.

Kasbah du Toubkal Hotel
The Kasbah du Toubkal is situated at the foot of Jebel Toubkal, overlooking the village of Imlil at 1800m and offering a 360 degree panorama of the Toubkal Massif. The Kasbah has achieved high praise for its environmental and micro-economic credentials - no telephones, no mobiles allowed, no TV, no alcohol (bring your own policy) and local dishes prepared by local staff using local ingredients. The ruined Kasbah has been transformed, using traditional methods, from the home of a Feudal Caid into a haven - a welcoming environment for those seeking comfortable mountain refuge.

The Kasbah is famous as this is where the movies "Seven Years in Tibet" and "Kundun" were filmed; this was the monastery. There is a 10-15 minute walk up through a walnut grove to get to the kasbah, however, mules are provided from the village centre to transport luggage.

Kasbah du Toubkal Hotel   Kasbah du Toubkal Hotel

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