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Morocco has been regarded for centuries by travellers as the gateway to Africa. Within this enchanting country you can discover snow-capped mountains, ancient pink and red fortress cities, green fertile valleys, limitless expanses of shifting desert and spectacular sandy beaches. Moroccans welcome visitors to their country with a warm and open enthusiasm, and this exotic country of great cultural and geographical diversity offers the independent traveller a huge variety of holiday experiences.


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Morocco is situated on the north west of Africa and is over 446,000km2 in area. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the west and the Mediterranean to the north. The land borders of Morocco are with Algeria and Mauritania. In the north-west, Morocco is separated from Spain by the narrow Straits of Gibraltar.

The north of the country has a Mediterranean coastline and a strong European influence. Tangier, opposite Gibraltar, is famous for the many writers and artists who have lived there. Behind this coastline sits the Rif, a fertile region of high mountains, gorges and interesting rock formations, running west to east. The city of Fez is the spiritual and cultural centre of Morocco, famous for its ancient university. The west of Morocco is dominated by the Atlantic coast and there are many beautiful beaches and water sport activities on offer. The Atlantic coast is home to Rabat, the capital city, and Casablanca, Morocco's chief port. Agadir and Essaouira are situated in a prime location on this coastline. Inland are the impressive Atlas Mountains, home to the Berber people, and perfect for hiking, trekking and biking holidays. Marrakech, an oasis at the edge of the desert, stands at the foothills of the Atlas and is a perfect centre from which to explore the Atlas area. The Atlas Mountains, with an average elevation of 11,000 ft, contain some of the highest peaks of North Africa, including Mt. Toubkal (13,665 ft), the highest of all. South of the Atlas lie the Anti-Atlas Mountains, with volcanic Mt. Siroua (10,000 ft).

South Morocco is a vast region of golden sand dunes, kasbahs and fortified villages, with its oases and thousands of palm trees hidden in the mountains, where nomads still travel around in centuries old tradition. It is a fascinating country owing to its villagers' and nomads' hospitality who make come true the dreams of the travellers looking for a peaceful nomadic life and the wonders of the desert. To the south and east lies the Sahara Desert. The Sahara is the world's largest desert and in Arabic its name means "wilderness". The desert is not entirely flat and waterless. The streams in the hills and the oases in the desert support both human and animal life.

Morocco has the most extensive river system in North Africa. Moroccan rivers generally flow north-westward to the Atlantic or south-eastward toward the Sahara; the Moulouya is an exception, and flows 350 miles north-eastwards from the Atlas to the Mediterranean. Principal rivers with outlets in the Atlantic are the Oumer River, Sebou, Bou Regreg, Tensift, Draa and Sous. The Ziz and Gheris are the main rivers flowing southward towards the Sahara.

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