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Quad Biking


By far the most exciting thing on 4 wheels, quad biking is a rush like no other. No one can deny the thrill of racing, jumping and having the wind in your hair, but for the ultimate thrill, try quad biking in Morocco. Experience riding alongside breathtaking mountain scenery, or on huge deserted beaches, or even go for the desert experience. With its vast range of exciting terrains, Morocco is rapidly becoming a hugely popular place to enjoy this exhilarating outdoor adventure.


Quad Biking with Erlebnis Tours

As well as being a tour company, Erlebnis Tours owns a fleet of quad bikes and beach buggies, which are available for booking for half or full days. All quad bikes and buggies are fully insured, mechanically maintained to the highest standard and comply with all the Moroccan rules and regulations. The quad bikes range in size from 125cc to 350cc and some of the bikes are licensed to travel on public roads.

When you book your quad bikes with Erlebnis Tours, you are looked after from start to finish. We will transport you and the quad bikes, by minibus or car, half an hour out of Agadir to the Sub Sahara (Petit Sahara) and stay with you until the return journey. If you have booked a full day quad biking, then we will provide you with lunch. One of our fully qualified mechanics, and all round nice guy, Abdul Hadi, will stay with you throughout your session in case of breakdowns, which can be an inevitable consequence of riding on rough terrain.

Abdul Hadi  


Importantly, as with all our tours, your quad biking tour is tailored to your party. You will not be joined by strangers sharing the same tour - your booked session is exclusively for you. Abdul Hadi will lead your party on the tour and look after you at all times, especially if it is your first time quad biking. Don't worry if it is your first time, quad biking is easy and safe. You will be provided with full safety gear and a quick lesson on using your quad bike before you set out. The smaller quad bikes are perfect for novices and younger riders. Your safety is our prime concern, so this is the reason why, unlike some other companies, we do not take you to the high sand dunes in the Sahara - dunes are very soft and move very easily, and are therefore very unsafe to ride on.


We promise you a brilliant time, whether a seasoned quadder or a complete novice, and guarantee you'll want to do it again!

To see more pictures of our quad biking tours, please see our photo gallery.

Quad Prices


Price Per Person

Dirhams UK Euros
Half day  (3hrs + 1hr travelling time) 500 40 45
Full Day (price includes lunch) 1500 120 135

Buggy Prices

NOTE: Beach buggies take 2 people, although they can be used by 1 or 2 riders.


Price Per Buggy

Dirhams UK Euros
1 Rider Half Day  (3hrs + 1hr travelling time) 600 50 54
2 Riders Half Day  (3hrs + 1hr travelling time) 800 65 72
1 Rider Full Day (price includes lunch) 1800 147 162
2 Riders Full Day (price includes lunch) 2400 196 215

Enquiries & Booking

To enquire about or to book a quad biking tour, please call us on +44(0)7713 615829 or send an email to

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