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After the red expanses of desert, the small town of Tafraoute, set 1,200 metres up in the Anti-Atlas Mountains in the stunning Ameln Valley, makes for refreshing viewing in the early spring. Surrounded by the pink rocks of the Anti-Atlas, Tafraoute - a conglomeration of ochre-covered buildings and green trees - is a surprising riot of colours amid the hills. Officially the almond capital of Morocco, the area is as famous for its produce as for the spectacle provided by the almond trees in full blossom amid the ochre red walls of the village.

Outside of blossom time, Tafraoute is a sight in its own right - the red walls of the village radiating from the heat between the pink cliffs of the Anti-Atlas. The brilliant blossoms add another colour to the vibrant spectrum. The coloured walls of the villages are best viewed outside of midsummer, when the baking heat of the sun can make the red landscape unbearable. Ideally, catch Tafraoute at sunset, when the red sky adds to the vibrancy of the place. A couple of hours drive from the popular destination of Agadir, this event is ideal if you want to escape the beach holiday atmosphere. Close enough to Agadir for a day trip, the red walls and dramatic geography of Tafraoute are a world away from the modern hotels of the beach resort.

If you wish to visit the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Tafraoute is ideally located in the middle of the route through the mountains (170 km from Agadir) and offers all the travellerís needs in way of provisions and comfort. Highly recommended is the luxurious bed and breakfast hotel, "Riad Tafraout", which Erlebnis Tours uses on the overnight tours in the area. The comfortable bedrooms enable visitors to stay in luxurious Berber surroundings, but with all modern conveniences. This hotel is currently for sale as a going concern and is featured on our Property for Sale page.


Not to be Missed

Almond Blossom Festival
If you are visiting in February, try to catch the annual Almond Blossom Festival, when the valley's famous trees burst into flower, adding further beauty to an already stunning area. This ephemeral sight of natural beauty gives the otherwise peaceful Tafraoute a party atmosphere, as a colourful Souk (market) springs up, complete with dancers, musicians and storytellers.


Blue Rocks (Les Pierres Bleues)
In the rugged Anti-Atlas country, 4km west of Tafraoute, in Aoumerkt, are the famous (and now faded) blue rocks.
In 1984, the Belgian artist, Jean Verame, and a team of Moroccan firemen teamed up to create one of the most unusual art installation pieces on the face of the planet. Armed with 18 tonnes of blue, red, violet and white paint, they sprayed it all over the granite boulders and small hills of the Anti Atlas mountains over the course of three months. Fortunately, King Hassan II thought it was a good idea, so it looks like they are there to stay until the paint wears off. Although they have lost their sharpness of colour, the fusion of art and nature is still mesmerising.


Lion Rock
No, your eyes are not deceiving you, there really is a lion in the rock!

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